Saturday 29 May 2010

Westminster gay couple convicted over £40,000 fraud

Original photo: Hat Tip to Dizzy, who got it from @TimMontgomerie, who got it from @Marthakearney, who got it from here:

Infamous "lovers' nest" fraudsters Dave Cameron and Nickers Clegg were jailed today at the Central Criminal Court at the Old Saimey for their "astounding" series of frauds and daylight robberies on taxpayers.

The senior detective from the investigation team said "When you add up their long list of crimes such as letting Nobby Brown run his Downing St gang for 13 years unhindered, running a protection racket with the EU syndicate and, worst of all, letting that buffoon Prescott into the Lords, it could cost each taxpayer upto the tune of £40,000 a year."

The gay couple were unrepentant as they took many photo calls in their publicity stunts. It is suspected that they may be part of the sinister "Westminster ring" of crooks who detectives say could number upto 650 and are known to be lying, hypocritical bastards.

Democracy campaigner Robert Mugabe said this kind of thing is disgraceful and that they should learn lessons in good governance and accountability from beacons of integrity like Zimbabwe and Afghanistan.

In the summing up, Lord Chief Justice Cherie Blair said "it is not clear which one of you was on top but it is quite clear: neither of you is above the Laws".

David Laws' boyfriend was unavailable for comment today.

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