Monday 3 May 2010

Admiral Gordon Horatio Brownblower and the Tale of the Bath Squabbles

Gordon Brownblower had arrived fresh from his success at the Battle of Madrid to the Port of Bristol to face his ancient enemies Marshal de Clegg and the Duc Cameron.

The battle raged for 90 minutes with both sides sparing no cliche or condascension. Innocent civilians were caught in the artillery blasts of idiocy and banality. Many, sadly, fell asleep and some even succumbed to attacks of nausea.

A spectacular victory for the righteous forces of NuLab were finally achieved as Admiral Brownblower sent his message of triumph to the leaders of the defeated forces “I watch boys in the bath, stop squabbling”.

It was over at last, our sacred land of Noolabeur was safe from another attempted invasion by the evil forces of Yellow Socialism and Rinsed-Blue Socialism. Lonng may our Red Socialism, which is slightly different to theirs, prevail.

(Apologies to C.S.Forester)

Originally published after the "Leaders' Debate" 23-Apr-2010

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