Wednesday 12 May 2010

Dear Gordon, ...

(Tue 11th May 2010, 19:20 - Gordon Brown has handed his resignation in, at last.)

Open Letter to Gordon Brown

Dear Gordon,

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, for doing the only decent thing in your miserable, lying, crooked life.

But let’s not forget the huge list of things to thank you, Tony, Peter, Alleystare and all of your supporters, this is a short list of some of the wonderful things you have destroyed since 1997.

Just to remind you, in 1997:
  • We had a decent pension system that enabled retired people to live independently of the state.

  • We had a stable society with low immigration.

  • We had affordable house prices.

  • We had a working democracy that was free of corrupt “postal” voting.

  • Many mothers had the freedom to not work so that they could bring up their children.

  • We had a good education system that put our children in the top ten best educated countries in the world.

  • We had low unemployment.

  • We had low debts.

  • We had low taxes, our companies had low taxes so they could afford to employ us.

  • We had police “forces” (not “services”) and they were led by coppers, not politicised graduates.

  • We had a successful set of controls to keep the banks safe.

  • We had low, affordable council taxes.

  • We had our bins emptied every week, with no fuss.

  • We had no knife crime.

  • We had killers, rapists and drug dealers sent to prison.

  • We had a politically neutral civil service.

  • We had never been accused of war crimes.

  • We had never been accused of helping torturers.

  • We had a successful economy.

  • We had a large propsperous fishing fleet.

  • We had a large prosperous farming sector.

  • We had an industrial capacity twenty times the size that it is today.

  • We used to decide our own laws in the Houses of Parliament (not in Brussels).

  • We had a majority of MPs in parliament who did not lie on their expenses.

  • We had some of the best and oldest civil liberties in the world as protected by Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus, “Trial By Jury” and “Innocent Until Proved Guilty”.

Thank you for destroying all of these.

Thank you very much.

Thank you so very very much.

Your memories will always be associated with lying, corruption, crookedness, greed, spite, unnecessary wars, ethnic cleansing and bankruptcy.

Aren’t you proud?


  1. SKWEEE-EEEERRKK!!! (scrittle) ONYERBIKE GORDON!!! (flapflapflap)

  2. Don't forget, we had gold as well.

  3. The people have spoken, NuLabour is dead.

  4. Don't forget deleting resignation, honour, freedom and democracy from the English dictionary.
    Don't forget murdering a scientist, over 300 British troops, hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, using the security services as his private death squad and making the mother of parliaments into the most corrupt government in the western world.

  5. Good riddance you piece of Scottish shit. I hope one day I can make your life as horrible as you've made mine - surely there's got to be natural justice some where?

  6. It wasn't all poor old Gordon. His Boss for most of the time has become a multi millionaire in a tremendous round of self promotion in the USA. Gordon did however talk about "Prudence" in every budget he made. What happened to her? Is it really Prudence that created the economic chaos and not him?

  7. Wish you'd have taken the rest of thr shite with you McMental. Thanks for nowt.

  8. Good by Gordon, my blood pressure will be lower now that you have gone and I do not have to listen to you telling me that black is white, that everything that has gone wrong is Margaret Thatcher's fault or some other Tory's or more recently some foreigner's fault (but not the foreigners that live here of course). It will also be lower because I will not have to listen to you telling me how well you have done in everything and how much worse it would be if anyone else was running things.

    And as you sail off into the sun set I can only rejoice that you will no longer have a platform to spin to anyone. But before you go please, please turn up at least once to PMQs so you can sit and listen, and we can sit and watch you listen as one by one the failings of your useless administration are laid bare by those who now have to sort them out. And, whist you are on the back bench, you will not be able to counter their points and you successors on the Labour Party front bench will ot be bothered.

    However, I have a feeling this blame game that you played so well will not be played by this administration. I believe (hope) the reason why your frailties have not been used against you in this election campaign is that your opponents may just be leaders not just politicians. If they are indeed leaders and if they have some semblance of management ability and integrity, our country may be able to drag itself out of this mess.

    Deadalus X. Parrot you were kind enough to leave a positive comment on a rant I left on this afternoon. I did not spot I had not left my monica on that post (and I may not have left it correctly on here) I occasionally post under the name of Kit.