Monday 3 May 2010

Gordon Brown bomb found smouldering in Times-Over Square in Non York.

Police were alerted by reports of foul and sinsiter smells coming from an abandoned vehicle in Times-Over Square in Rochdale, Non York (Lancashire), home of that well-loved Naggy Granny, Gillian Duffy.

The car, a "Gordon Brown" model from the NooLab factory, was immediately cordoned off by police as smoke billowed out of its badly engineered Ballsworth engine.

The authorities sent in specialist political journalists wearing hardened spin-proof suits that can withstand thousands of KiloMandelsons of radiation on the BS scale.

After much painstaking research, investigators discovered that the Gordon Brown had been deliberately primed with an initiating trigger fuse made from Real-voter a substance known by scientists to be very destructive to Remote Politicians. They suspect that the bomb designers hoped this would detonate the large number of ten gallon drums filled with that well known high explosive Revelatio Truthio.

This chance discovery helped many innocent passers-by to esscape a ghastly death from a high taxplosive mutually assured destruction. Experts say that many millions more could have been injured by flying policies and loss of democracy.

Senior politicians are avoiding unsecured public places in case they get exposed to normal people.

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