Monday 11 April 2011

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? - No.274 - Osama Brown-Gordon

Forensic computer reconstructions of what renegade Osama brown-Gordon might look like now.

It is almost a year since anyone, especially from the coalition forces, has had any direct contact with the terrorist mastermind Osama brown-Gordon.

The effects of his insane acts of terror are still with us everywhere. We, our children and our grandchildren seem doomed to suffer decades of stringent emergency countermeasures in order to repair the damage that he and his crazed Fabian TaLibour fanatics have caused.

It is hard to imagine what relatively innocent and carefree lives we led before his terror death cult infected our country.

Nearly every day we hear of another British casualty who has been harmed by the improvised economic devices (IEDs) that his fanatical TaLibour followers have planted. These highly explosive and destructive devices were cleverly assembled in Fabian bunkers in the think-tank madrassas of Westminsterland. It is estimated that hundreds more of these devices are still hidden in the fabric of our quangos, obscure Fabian legislation, public sector pension and pay schemes and private finance initiatives. Analysts say these are set to release their destructive forces for the foreseeable future.

One of the senior fanatics who assisted brown-Gordon in his atrocities was the accomplished deceiver and thug, Moham-Ed Balls. This mad-eyed zealot was the architect of many of the destructive devices unleashed by brown-Gordon. Coalition forces have detected his fingerprints at many disaster sites in the country.

Another who ranked highly in brown-Gordon's terror death cult was Moham-Ed Miliband. He was the fanatic TaLibour ayatollah of Global Warming before Britanistan was liberated by the coalition. He created many lunatic global warming fatwahs that are still costing this country billions and will cause many deaths amongst the vulnerable from fuel poverty.

Some sources suspect most of the Britanistan civil servants and even members of the new Khameron regime are actually secret TaLibour supporters and fifth columnists. Many point to the mullahs Vyns Khable, Kriss Hoon and Khen Klark whose religiously inspired anti-business, loony green and pro-criminal policies are ignoring common sense and science and will doom most families to primitive and persecuted lives.

This is just a glimpse of brown-Gordon's legacy, however, what about the elusive terrorist himself? What do we know about him and what has happened to him since his war on the west started?

Osama brown-Gordon was born to fervently religious parents in Saudi Scotrabia and he learnt his brand of wahabist socialism at their feet while his mullah father held prayers for the local faithful.

The bleak and barren mountainous region in which he was raised was notorious for producing many ranting preachers who would issue forth their diatribes of hatred at any passer by, especially if they were English.

Some think it was during this time that he developed his hatred of anything associated with western democracy, individual liberty, business and prosperity, Christian principles or, to be frank, anything with common-sense, fun or pleasantness.

Brown-Gordon then went on to study religious socialism at Al-Edinburgh madrassa and developed many of the skills that helped him become the hated figure he is today.

"Yield to the All Powerful Fabian State. Death to all pig-dog capitalists."

An excerpt from Osama brown-Gordon's infamous Youtube video.

He spent many fruitless years doing service as a foot soldier under ayatollahs M'kael Fhoot and Neel Khinok. He was active in the failed TaLibour spring offensives against Britanistan during 1983, 1987 and 1992 when they would descend from the mountains in their hoards shouting their blood curdling war slogans. He eventually reached the heights of the wahabist TaLibour ranks in the late 1990s when his compatriot Scotrabian, Djon S'mith appointed him as spokes-mullah for Economic Destruction.

He made a pact with the warlord Toni B'lair at the Al-Granita restaurant in a Londonistan souk to form a joint leadership of the TaLibour. B'lair would be the smiling front man while brown-Gordon and his disciples wielded the real power. Together they then waged another spring offensive against Britanistan in 1997.

The rest is well-known: The successful conquest of Britanistan, the medieval fatwahs and hate campaigns against non-believers, such as taxpayers, stay-at-home mums, old people, old fashioned Labour supporters (see here and here), smokers, drivers, the English and most private sector workers, the levying of eye watering taxes, the creation of a greedy, corrupt "parliament", the religious indoctrination of the civil service and the destruction of the education system.

Of course, his most well known acts were the creation and detonation of the most destructive debt bombs ever experienced by this country.

The last reported public sighting of brown-Gordon was when he was seen furtively leaving the Ten-down'ng street area of Westminsterland in May 2010. He was reported to have used a woman and two innocent children as cover. Informed sources say the woman could have been a wife from an arranged marriage. This, apparently, is a custom that many from brown-Gordon's cult follow, the most recent example being Moham-ed Miliband.

Since then, no-one alive has seen brown-Gordon. American spy planes have sought in vain to find any evidence that he still exists but can find nothing.

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