Sunday 10 October 2010

10:10:10 Day! - Kill All Humans To Save The Planet

Well aren't we all excited and happy! Today is 10:10:10 day, yippee!

Yes, those thoughtful fans of child executions at 10:10 (who created that thoughtful Warmist propaganda snuff movie), have deemed that today is the day that we must save the planet by exploding children or some such activity.

You too can join these lovely, fluffy, tree-hugging do-gooders by signing up here: Sign Up to 10:10

The poor dears are really quite shy and have not worded their Sign Up page in the robust way that Warming Alarmists should do.

So as part of my bit to save the planet, here is my translation of their Sign Up web page in the language that they should have used:

It doesn't end there! Those 10:10 folks have also, very kindly, provided a clever web page that allows you to design your own poster, here: Make Your Own 10:10 Poster. (Hat tip to grumpyoldtwat)

Again, these lovely, fluffy hippies are just too modest to really express their true feelings, so I have made a couple of my own posters for them, above and here:


  1. I recommend that from now on 10/10 becomes a national holiday. A bit like Guy Fawkes night, only with two bonfires instead of one.

    Naturally, instead of burning a Guy we would burn and effigies of Richard Curtis and Franny Armstrong, whilst we party by feasting on ‘high carbon’ foods imported from as far away as possible and do burnouts and doughnuts in gas guzzling SUVs.

  2. I think we need to eat spaghetti every 10th of October in order to extend our Carbonara footprint.

  3. Who cares, I just want to pay more taxes for useless musings.

  4. To Very good.

    We also need to make more use of abrasives in order to increase our carborundum footprint.

  5. To: scientificanomaly

    Yes a 10:10:10 high carbon day sounds a good idea. Perhaps we could also make sure we have plenty of barbecues at full heat and some outside patio heaters to keep out the cold.